Studio Policies

  • All dancers must abide by the dress code stated for each class. Dancers not following this dress code will be asked to sit out.
  • Dancers are not to leave clothes, food, drinks, etc. around the studio space. All items left in the lost & found for more than one month will be donated to Goodwill.
  • All students are expected to arrive to classes at least 10 minutes prior. Dancers arriving to class more than 15 minutes late will be asked to sit out. Elite Studios values lessons of discipline, responsibility, and time management and will enforce these teachings.
  • All dancers and other children must be behaved throughout the studio. Causing a disruption to ongoing education will result in a child being asked to leave the studio.
  • Parents, siblings, and friends of dancers are not allowed in the studios while a class is going on. This causes a distraction to the dancer and the teacher and results in a lowered quality of education for each dancer. Elite Studios offers a parent viewing location in the lobby to watch your dancer’s progress and learning on our TVs.
  • No dancer, at any time, is allowed to cross Hammond Drive or Roswell Road without adult supervision for any reason.
  • The Elite Studios staff is happy to meet with you at any time regarding your dancer’s progress and education, however these meetings must be scheduled through the Director and Teacher directly, as teachers do not have time in between classes.
  • Private lessons will be offered by a range of Elite Studios staff. These must be scheduled through the Director and the Teacher directly.