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Welcome to Elite Studios, a home for young dancers dedicated to incomparable training, abundant opportunities, and personal growth. As a premier dance studio in Atlanta, Elite Studios exists to offer unparalleled dance education for the performance or competition focused dancer. Our 2022-2023 classes in tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, and tumbling start August 15, 2022!

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“On top of the amazing training, Elite Studios has incredible role models. Ali and the faculty have taught my daughter a new level of perseverance, organization and, most importantly, the value of kindness. Ali & the faculty are so gifted not only in dance, but also knowing each dancer and their very unique abilities.”

– Christian Riley, Dance Parent

“What sets Elite Studios apart is the holistic approach they take in developing each dancer. The intense dance training is complemented by a commitment to developing the dancer in their personal and academic growth. The work ethic instilled in the dance studio is something that will serve these dancers well in life, no matter where life takes them.”

– Kelly Demmings, Dance Parent

“I can not say enough about the impact Elite Studios has had on my daughter. Not only have they helped her develop a love for dance, but they have been a big influence on developing her character and poise.”

– Tracy Jones, Dance Parent

“Our girls’ technique, performance quality and love of dance increase with each season. Ali & the faculty have provided our girls with love, direction and influence in life as well as in dance.”

– Melissa Spiegelman, Dance Parent

“Elite Studios' faculty's leadership, support, quality of instruction, fairness in audition and energy provide dance instruction excellence, personal growth and empowerment to my daughters.”

– Tricia Possert, Dance Parent