Finale 2021 Video




The Finale 2021 is professionally captured and videoed and made available for purchase for each Elite Studios family. What a special way to remember this year’s incredible dances by purchasing The Finale 2021 video!

Once the purchase is complete through our website, an Access Code will be emailed to you by Elite Studios appx. 3 weeks after the show! Using your Access Code, you will need to create an account through our videography service, DanceBug – these instructions are found in your Finale 2021 Packet.

Access to your video can be shared with up to 5 people! If you have a family member that wasn’t able to make the show, you can send them access online to view! All you need to do is create a Guest User within your DanceBug online account and share! The video itself can be viewed online and/or watched on your computer, phone, tablet, Roku, smart TV, etc. You can also download the video & save to your computer for years to come. Physical DVD’s can also be purchased through your DanceBug account.


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