Tap Dance Classes in Atlanta

Tap dance is taught using a specific shoe to create music with one’s feet. Tap is taught in a number of styles including musical theatre, rhythm, hoofing, slide, and more. Tap class utilizes a combination of exercises at the barre and center floor. Tap classes are offered for dancers in 3 levels based on age. Please refer to the class schedule below to find the Tap class that is appropriate for your dancer.

Dress code

The dress code for all Performance Division tap classes is based on the following options, but is up to the dancer as to what they’re most comfortable in. Dress code includes leggings and/or dance pants, dance shorts, and a dance top such as a tank top, bra top, or other semi-loose fitting athletic shirt.

Required Shoe Types by Brand:

Tap Shoes: Capezio Cadence CG19; Black

Tap Class Schedule 2021-2022

Age Class Day Time
3rd - 4th Grade Tap 1 Tuesday 5:45 - 6:30