Pod Style Dance Classes

Pod Style Classes at Elite Studios

Are you heading in to the Fall of 2020 with a select group of quarantine-friendly friends and families for school and other activities? We’ve got a dance class option for you!

Introducing Pod Style Dance Classes at Elite Studios – a boutique class option for children to continue to take dance class, in a safe, clean studio, while knowing the dancers in a given class are part of a trusted group of families and friends during today’s times. Controlled class sizes and customized class times make this the perfect answer for your family’s Covid plan.

Here’s how it works: 

| Provides existing Elite Studios’ Class offerings & Curriculum
| Class scheduled based on studio availability
| Class participation in our year-end Finale
| Pods up to 6 and 10 dancers, based on Age/Class
| Class runs simultaneously with existing studio calendar and holiday schedule

Class Type Monthly Tuition (per dancer)
Little Foundations 3/4 $110
Little Foundations 5/6 $110
Foundations 1 & 2 $145
Elementary Hip Hop $105
Level 1, 2, and 3 Classes $105

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