Competitive Division

Competitive Division at Elite Studios

 The competition program at Elite Studios is an exclusive group of dancers selected by Elite Studios Directors and staff to train at the highest level. Dancers who wish to participate in the competitive division must be accepted into the program. Our Competitive Division is made up of 3 companies: The Core, The Collective, and Petite Elites. Companies are divided up into individual companies based primarily on age and are enrolled in a set curriculum of classes designed to develop the most technical, versatile, and strong dancers.

The Core & Collective classes are by audition only and classes are not open to the general studio population. The 2 companies exist to offer to different paths for our competitive dancers. The Collective Company is a company designed for dancers who wish to participate in competition dance, but at a lesser time commitment. The Core Company is a company designed for dancers who wish to pursue dance at the highest level of training. The commitment level for The Core Company is vast. It is expected that The Core not participate in activities outside of dance as the obligation is time-consuming, but extremely rewarding. Both The Core & Collective Companies participate in our charity concert each winter, The Benefit, as well as 5 – 7 regional convention and competitions (The Core) and 2 – 3 regional convention and competitions (The Collective), along with many other activities. Dancers entering the 2nd – 12th grade may audition for The Core or The Collective.

For our dancers in Kindergarten – 1st grade, we have our Petite Elite Company! Petite Elites is an invitation only company for our youngest dancers to begin their competitive dance journey! Dancers in Kindergarten – 1st grade have the opportunity to be evaluated for our invitation-only Petite Elite company for our youngest level of competition dance! Petite Elites participate in 1 convention and 2 competitions a year, while also participating in events and training alongside The Core & The Collective to begin their competition dance education! If you are interested in your dancer being evaluated for the Petite Elite company, please send us an email at

For more information on either The Core, The Collective, or Petite Elites, questions about auditions, or any other related item, please fill out our Contact Form on our Contact Page and we will be happy to answer any questions you have & send you the 2021-2022 Information Packet! 

Auditions for the 2022 – 2023 season will be held May 16 – 24, 2022!

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The Benefit 2022

Each year Elite Studios hosts a phenomenally energetic, professional, and entertaining showcase of talent as performed by our Competitive Division dancers. What began as a student led project, The Benefit has evolved into a culmination of months of hard work and over $34,000 in fundraising for local Atlanta & Georgia based charities. Elite Studios not only teaches the value of a quality dance education but instills the value of service to others through dance. The Benefit is our way of giving back to the community that gives us so much!

When planning for this year’s Benefit began, we firstly considered what we could even achieve in such a difficult season – we recognize that many families have been negatively impacted by this pandemic. Our discussion, however, led us to this conclusion – while each one of us has been impacted in these past 6 months, it is still our mission to use our combined efforts to help those in need. Hundreds of thousands of Americans across our country and in our own Sandy Springs community cannot provide basic needs like food and supplies for their families during this time, and our studio community can help.

This year’s Benefit is more timely than ever – and we could not be more inspired to announce that we will be partnering with Solidarity Sandy Springs, a grassroots organization that began as a temporary food bank when the pandemic hit in March. Initially formed to support local families who were struggling to feed their families, it quickly became apparent that the needs in our neighborhood were overwhelming and the little food bank morphed into a full-scale charitable organization whose mission became to support these families for as long as the support was needed. Solidarity Sandy Springs is 100% volunteer-run and is in great need of funding and volunteers to keep its doors open; we at Elite Studios could not be happier to be supporting such a worthy cause and giving back to those in need in our neighborhood.

Stay tuned for full details on Benefit 2022 coming soon!

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